Recycling Food Waste

Made Easy and Affordable

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By the time all the food that’s produced in the world leaves the farm to get to your table, a whopping one-third is lost or wasted.

That means that each year, 1 billion tons of food is just … gone.

Finding ways to reduce and recycle food waste is vital for the economy and our planet.

But here’s the problem: Recycling can be expensive and difficult to implement.

And government agencies have been slow to offer assistance.

What if there’s a way to efficiently recycle food waste without breaking the bank?

With Greener Organics, recycling food waste is not only easy, it’s affordable.

Our specialized equipment separates and processes any type of food waste using our proprietary GROWS process. The resulting byproduct is resold and reused for energy production, fertilizer, or nutrient-rich livestock feed.

Greener Organics is a sensible and affordable solution that not only makes sense … it can literally change the world.