How does the depackaging machine work?

Our Tiger Depack HS 10 efficiently removes 99.6% of packaging from packaged food waste through the use of screening and centrifugal force.  

What types of packaging material can you process?

  We can process containers made of glass, metal, plastic and paper, including flex-packaging.

Can you receive and process frozen materials?

Yes, our depackaging machine can process frozen food waste.

Can you provide transportation services?

Yes, we can provide logistics services from your dock to ours.

What do you mean by “beneficial reuse”?

Greener Organics has a system of vendor partners which receive the separated, organic food waste and utilize it as a raw material in their production process.  These vendors may consist of compost producers which use it as a component of their compost, anaerobic digesters which use it in the production of methane gas for energy production and/or farming operations which use it as supplemental livestock feed.

What happens to the packaging that is separated in the depackaging machine?

We make every effort to capture and recycle the separated packaging.  Complex packaging which cannot be separated and recycled may be diverted to a waste-to-energy partner. 

How does Greener Organics protect my product and brand?

Greener Organics has a secured facility with restricted access and security monitoring.  We provide assurance, that once delivered, your food waste will not leave our facility in any recognizable form.  We offer certification of this destruction process at your request.