Greener Organics, LLC provides a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable recycling service for commercial organic food waste (or “food byproduct”)

We specialize in beneficially reusing your co-mingled, packaged, source separated and/or bulk food byproduct – allowing you to avoid the landfill while making a positive contribution to your environmental sustainability objectives.

Our state of the art depackaging machine separates all types of packaging (glass, metal, plastic, paper, etc) from the organic food byproduct. This allows us to capture the organic matter and, through our partners, convert your food waste into compost, fertilizer, livestock feed and/or energy production.

Greener Organics offers a cost-effective food byproduct recycling service that allows you to:

  • Significantly reduce or eliminate your reliance on landfill disposal for your food waste
  • Pursue your sustainability and/or zero-landfill goals,
  • Provide increased brand protection through our certified destruction service, and
  • Utilize the benefits “green” initiatives can add to your brand marketing campaigns.

In addition, Greener Organics helps your provide meaningful environmental benefits to the communities you serve by reducing the reliance on local landfills and their associated environmental hazards (greenhouse gas emissions, water quality concerns, noise/odor nuisance issues, etc.)

How we are different

Stand-Alone Depackaging Operation

We are Michigan's only stand-alone depackaaging operation.

Greener Organics is uniquely able to dedicate your food waste to its most beneficial reuse, which could include composting, energy production, supplemental animal feed or others. At Greener Organics we can accept almost any type of packaging (including metal, glass, paper, plastic, and others.)

Certified Destruction Services

This gives you the confidence that your food waste cannot be identifiable by brand.

At your request, we can provide certified documentation of this process for each shipment we receive from you, making Greener Organics an important part of your brand protection plan.

Community Re-Investment

We stand by and re-invest within our community.

A percent of our profits are designated for re-invested in the communities we serve, including charitable contributions.

Greener Organics is a sensible and affordable solution that not only makes sense … it can literally change the world.